panchmarhi waterfalls

Pachmarhi is a saucer shaped hill station located in Madhya Pradesh. It is often referred to as the queen of the Satpura Range. Situated at an elevation of 1967 feet, the hill station offers breathtaking views and a range of attractions. The credit for development of this hill station goes to Captain Forsyth. On his recommendation, Pachmarhi was converted into a sanatorium and then to a hill station.

The large flat terrain has a countryside characterized by lustrous greenery, rocky hills, deep canyons and woody dense forests. The sun set views in this town are spectacular. Numerous large-scale excavations in Pachmarhi have revealed many ancient caves like the Jata Shankar Caves and the Pandava Caves that are of great value from an archaeological point of view.

The Handi Khoh, Bison Lodge, Catholic Church are major attractions. The Apsara Vihar, Duchess Falls, Bee Falls Chauragarh Peak, Mahadeo Hill, Priyadarshini Point and Satpura National Park provide excellent views and insight into the flora and fauna of the Pachmarhi.